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Our greatest experiences come from the unexpected. While I'm attuned to this in theory, I'm looking for practical ways to remind me of the richness of the mystery and that each time I encounter the "unexpected," particularly when it can be seen as "negative" - that I consciously look at the new possibilities emerging.

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Think of your eyes. Imagine that one eye sees every new thing as "wonderful" and the other eye sees it as "terrible." These are your human eyes, and this is the way people see the world: in extreme swings between good and bad, good and bad. Humans are constantly judging and evaluating events, people, items.

The practical way to overcome this judgmental attitude (and thus remind yourself, as you say, of the "richness of the mystery," which is a lovely phrase) is also a practical way for you to improve your writing. So you will be "killing two birds with one stone" or as they sometimes say, "feeding two rabbits with one carrot."


Notice the details.

When you focus deeply in on the details of anything, you see beyond whether it is good or bad. It just IS.

Instead of using one eye or the other eye to look at something, try to use your "third eye," the invisible faculty of sight located in your forehead between your eyebrows.

Look at something and now look at it again, as if you are a visitor from another planet. As if you are a soul, temporarily housed in this particular body in this particular era on Earth.

Even the pattern of rust on a piece of metal. Even a ragingly angry person who is throwing a tantrum. Even a flood or a natural disaster.

Put on your writer's cap and describe what is happening. Don't let your emotions get involved. Spell it out, step by step and detail for detail. Acknowledge that "this is what is happening right now," but don't attribute positive or negative judgments to it.

This is a way to observe, absorb, take on, and integrate yourself into the richness of the mystery.

You are on the right track. Go well.

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