How to Grow Your Faith


Today we would like to give you a message about the indivisibility of faith.

Faith does not mean waiting for enough evidence to accumulate in order to believe somet
hing. Faith never depends on numbers or instances or examples. Faith just IS. Either you believe in something, or you don't. Faith is never divisible, never partial, never fractional. Faith is complete unto itself.

When you vouch for something, when you say, "Yes, this is true," say it with your whole heart. Speak with sincerity and purpose.

Faith never diminishes, faith never gives out.

When you tell someone, "I believe in you," say it and mean it. Don't make exceptions such as, "I have faith in you except when you show this or that weakness." When you believe in someone, your faith beams out of you like a shining beacon which illuminates his or her life as well as your own.

You are believing in the soul of the person. You are showing your faith that humans are actually infinite beings who happen to be incarnated. You trust that no matter what "mistakes" people make, they are on a learning journey, and your job is to accompany them lovingly.

Don't allow yourself to get stepped on or purposefully hurt, but do keep believing. Maintain your hope like your own personal bonfire. Keep it stoked and constant.

Most of all, have faith in yourself. Realize who you are and what power you have. Applying your faith toward yourself will redouble your strength.

Go forth!


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