SustenanceToday we would like to speak with you about sustenance.

How can you sustain yourself physically and emotionally while you are on your spiritual path?

Many of you are concerned about money, and this is understandable. You conceive of money as freedom, the freedom to do what you need to in order to feed and clothe and house yourself and your loved ones. We are telling you to ignore money and to stop deifying it. Money is only a product of your own energy.

We are not talking about the physical and mental energy you expend when you work for a living. Whatever you need in order to survive comes to you when you need it, whether in terms of actual cash or in the form of a gift. This occurs because you have generated energy in faith and trust and openness to generosity. It also occurs because you are here for a reason, and you need to stay here long enough and well enough to accomplish the tasks your soul chose for you to do.

Reduce your expectations, and yet at the same time stay optimistic and hopeful. Look at what you truly need to get by. Look upon your body as the car and yourself as the driver. What kind of fuel does the body need? What kind of maintenance does the body need? Human beings can survive on extraordinarily little food, water, and shelter.

Be grateful for what you have, and release your fears. Also, never refuse a true gift, one that comes to you with love. Give also with the same spirit of liberty. Spirit is working through you when you share material goods with another person. But once you have given a present, there is no need to follow up on it and find out if the recipient kept it or passed it on, or even sold it! Once you have given, your assignment is finished.

One last point about money. The vibrations of angelic guides are very rapid, faster than the speed of light. In order to receive these vibrations clearly, human beings must be calm and open. When you are worried about money, you tend to block your reception of guidance. When worry persists, do what you can to let it go and maintain your resonance at an optimistic level.

Now, as for emotional sustenance, we see that many of you are feeling lonely. Even if you are in a long-term relationship or living with your family, you are still feeling isolated and without connections. We have a message for you: give out what you need.

Have you ever thought, for example, "I wonder why this person won't share his inner motivations with me," or "I wish I had a closer relationship with this family member or this friend." Get ready to crack open the shell around your own ego and prepare yourself to become vulnerable.

Sit down and have a talk, or schedule a walk and a chat, or call this person on the telephone, and say, "I have been thinking things through lately, and I want to get some ideas off my mind. Can I use you as a sounding board?" If the person says yes, it's time for you to reveal where you are on your personal journey. How do you feel about your spiritual practices? Are they working for you, and what are your insights about?

Even if your conversation partner does not reply specifically to your statements, you will be making a great leap forward in developing the kind of relationship you want to have.

With hope and prayers for your continued peace of mind,

The Guides

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