Soul Connections

Soul ConnectionsToday we would like to talk with you about soul connections between people.

You meet the people you are meant to meet. There are moments for teaching and moments for learning, and sometimes both happen at the same time.

When you feel a special link to someone and you start to have a good conversation, give yourself enough time to enjoy it. There's no need to rush back to painting the fence or washing the car if you have an opportunity for a real talk with a real person. These links, although they are on the increase, are still rare enough to treasure, so allow room in your "schedule" for them to happen gracefully.

A person doesn't have to be some kind of saint in order to teach you an important lesson. It doesn't matter either if they have a different religion or worldview. What is important is the sharing of information at a soul level.

When you like someone instantly, and when you perceive a certain spark that sets this person apart from the rest of the crowd, that is often an indicator that you need to spend a little time hearing the news that is meant for you. Or perhaps it is you who are called to share helpful information, to guide this soul along its way.

In any case, it is a wonderful sensation to meet a "member of your tribe," and we recommend that you honor the experience and give thanks for it. A soul encounter need not last for a lifetime, but its impact most likely will.


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