AscentionToday we would like to share a message with you about ascension.

It is the human's task to ascend, that is, to recognize the deity within and align with that energy, thus leaving behind the world of three dimensions.

Although it may seem strange to you, people can ascend and still be alive on Earth. In fact, it is your calling to work through your limitations and attain this state. Everyone is on the path to ascension.

When you look at your chakras and the energies which each one of them represents, you will see that you are rising from your base to your crown. Through lifetimes, and even within this lifetime, you are taking on new personae, new roles, and new tasks in order to ascend higher and higher.

What do you need to help you ascend?

You need increased resonance. When we have spoken to you previously about watching your intake, we are referring to experiences and sensations which limit your resonance.

You are fluid, and you respond quickly to the pull. Think of how gravity affects you, and think of how the lunar cycles affect you, and the tides. Now transfer that understanding to your energy field, which is even more subtle.

Some of you fear that if you ascend, even from one chakra to the next, you may be leaving friends behind. What if your companions are not ready? What if they enjoy "the life" that you once shared with them, but which you are willing to let go of in order to find new ways?

You are all moving forward, whether on the fast track or the slow track. But you will encounter great spiritual discomfort if you keep yourself on the slow track when you are meant to be on the fast one! This is the source of much of your grief, your sense of isolation, of distance from Self, from God, and your calling.

If you change, and your old friends reject you for your decisions, that is really their loss. If they choose to come with you, and then "fail" (there is no such thing as failure but only detours), have compassion but stick to your path.

Humility is the key. You don't need to preach or convert or "enlighten" anyone. At a deep level, they already know all about it. They are just taking their time and dawdling. They are like kids who don't want to stop playing on the street, even though their mother is calling them in for supper.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Ascend.

We are with you through your challenges.

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