It's very common to say that you "don't have enough time."

On one hand, this is a symptom of fast pace human living.

On the other hand, "not enough time" is a common excuse for something you just don't want to do.

"Not having enough time" can be a powerful block between you and your calling.

Please look at when and how you give this reason for not participating in an activity.

Would you say this to somebody who offered you a free holiday in your dream destination?

What do you prioritize?

Anything can be postponed for the activities and people you love.

Another question to ask yourself is, "Do I put my spiritual growth high up on my list of Things to Do?"

Do you have enough time for enlightenment?

Time is elastic and will expand to fit the task at hand.

Play with time.

Treat it gently and lovingly, not as an enemy.

Time is often only another one of Life's illusions.

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