UnderstandingToday we would like to speak with you about understanding.

When you know a piece of information intellectually, such as your address, it rests in your mind and is accessible almost any time you need it, except perhaps in case of an injury or a memory lapse.

When you understand a reality, such as, "I am home," it rests in every cell. There is normally no need for you to access that knowing, it just is.

We would like to remind you that you are a soul in a human body. You understand this at a very deep level, you know this in every part of you.

You may ask why you would ever need reminding of something you already hold throughout your being. Our task is to "re-mind" you, that is, to raise this understanding up to your conscious mind.

Humans have forgotten their divinity and are living exclusively in the third dimension in their waking hours. While asleep, humans are in contact with their guides and are learning the lessons they need for their souls to advance. However, now is the time for people to be conscious of their understanding. You are souls, you are divine, and you need to act with this understanding.

Everything that dulls you, everything that takes away your spark, every single incident that you allow to affect you in a negative way -- these blind you from the truth that you are a soul. Therefore choose carefully what you introduce into your reality.

We invite you to contemplate this message and allow the understanding "I am a soul" to enter into your conscious mind.

With love,

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