Seven Characteristics

7 CharacteristicsWe have heard many of you asking about meaningful relationships. Here are seven characteristics which apply to both relationships and the people in them:

1. simultaneously grounding and spiritualizing 2. full of grace and ease 3. not arrogant or autocratic 4. the energy is balanced and appropriately paced 5. forgiveness, tolerance, spontaneity, and expansiveness 6. level-headedness and emotional clarity 7. allows joy and unconditional love to flow into the heart

If you are in a serious relationship and you see that some of these characteristics are weak or missing, don't despair.

Choose one item, today, and bring it into all your interactions with this person. Don't exaggerate, but keep the keywords running through your head as you co-exist. If the person remarks on the change, say something like, "I'm in a good mood," and, if appropriate, "I care about you."

Tomorrow, choose another item from the list and bring that into your interactions. How you behave will make you feel happier -- not superior, but more comfortable with yourself.

When you are granted the opportunity to decide whether or not to pursue a new relationship, whether friendly or romantic, look over this list. Make your intention clear, even if you don't say it aloud, that these are the ways you will be in this relationship. then keep this promise to you new friend and to yourself.

Take care of yourself and your emotional well-being, and then attend to the needs of your loved ones.

In peace,

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