ThunderstormsImagine you are inside, and outside there is a thunderstorm. Rain is pouring down. You watch from a window, and you see the lightning and the sheets of rain. Yet you are safe and dry.

Violent emotions are like this. A panic attack, a temper tantrum, a crying fit -- they are all like a thunderstorm. It seems as if the earth is shaking and the skies are falling down, but eventually a storm passes, taking all the thunder and lightning with it.

If you stay calm and just observe your own or another person's violent emotions, it's as if you are safe and dry inside. You perceive that it's only a temporary storm, and you can remain calm and wait for it to dissipate.

In contrast, if you attach yourself to those emotions, it will be as if you've run outside wihtout an umbrella. You will feel the consequences.

Remember to say, "This will pass." A storm never lasts forever.

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