Message from The Guides: Who are Spiritual People?

Who are spiritual people-

We are pleased that you are reading these messages from Spirit. We hope they will benefit you in your daily life.

There are many ways to access your spirituality. There's really no such thing as a "spiritual" or "not spiritual" person. All humans are endowed with an eternal soul and are therefore children of Spirit.

Only people's connection to that soul and their application of spiritual practices distinguish those who are conscious of themselves on a spiritual journey from those who are just living. Calling someone "unspiritual" is untrue and a mark of false superiority.

We would like you to take a few moments today and ask yourself the following three questions:

Whom do I consider a holy person?

Who is someone I have met who is serene and confident, as well as sincere?

Who is someone who gives freely, from the heart, without resentment?

Think of these holy people when you make decisions in your life.

Now, as spirit guides we do not advocate for a particular religion. In fact, on our team there are souls who practiced various religions while alive. The point is not which faith to have, but to have faith.

Your Temple Here's an analogy: if you think of your mind as a house, you could assign different functions to various rooms. One room is for physical health, another is for emotional health, another is for mental health, and another is for spiritual health.

Just for a minute, enter your spiritual health room and have a look around. What is hanging on the walls? What does the furniture look like? What kinds of activities would people do there? How you set up your personal temple is completely up to you. If you would like to invite the spirit of holy people to visit you in your personal temple, their presence will grace your home.

It will keep you balanced and well to enter all the rooms in your personal house every day.

Take care, The Guides

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