How to Ground Yourself

How to Ground Yourself

You are made up of energy, like electricity, and you need to be connected to the Earth in order to function well. It is important for you to know how to ground yourself.

Here is an exercise:

Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.

Picture the molten core of the planet, and imagine its warmth rising up through the earth.

Become aware of your left foot, and feel it growing warmer as the earth sends her heat into it.

With your mind, follow the heat as it traces up through the left side of your body, into your head, and down the right side of your body, exiting your right foot. Just observe it, don't try to move it.

When the energy leaves your right foot, watch as it returns to the planetary core, completing a circuit. As you feel the energy coursing through you, you are nourished and revitalized. Let the circuit continue for a few cycles before starting your task.

Grounding yourself is useful if you are feeling dizzy, out of sorts, frazzled, or altogether "not yourself." It is helpful to ground yourself before giving someone a massage or before performing any spiritual practices.

The earth is strong and can transmute many negativities. She melts fear. Be grateful after you ground yourself, and be aware of how you attune to nature and care for the earth.

Peace be with you, The Guides

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