Message from The Guides: What is a Harmonic Concordance?

Harmonic Concordance

The shape of the merkaba, one of the geometric patterns formed by the planets (in addition to the Star of David), is a special form. It represents higher wisdom.

When a merkaba appears in the sky, it is called a Harmonic Concordance. It is an opportunity to step into your role as a being of light, spirit-clad-in-human-form, and to recognize your path toward joy.

The Harmonic Concordance has to do with the following emotional transformations. The power of the Harmonic Concordance can help you:

  • Tune into and respond to your higher guidance
  • Tap into your intuition
  • Find joy in others' good fortune and overcome envy
  • Gain the ability to move forward
  • Enjoy the harmonious use of sound
  • Uncover your creativity, and focus and harness your creative abilities and energy
  • Increase and hone your sensitivity
  • Bring you into contact with beings from other planes
  • Enhance your creative dreaming abilities
  • Clear the past and break karmic patterns
  • Enhance and enlighten your sense of self worth
  • No matter where you are, you can participate in the Harmonic Concordance by maintaining a peaceful and open attitude. However, if you do have a chance to step outside and spend this event in a beautiful, natural environment, please do so. If you happen to live near a sacred site, this would be a very appropriate time to visit.Blessings, The Guides
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