Message from The Guides: Sense and Skepticism

sense versus skepticism

Some of you have expressed a desire to believe in spirit guide messages but are held back by "skepticism." What is skepticism?

The word "skeptic" or "sceptic" comes from the Greek skeptesthai, meaning "to examine." Most related modern words have switched the p and the k, leading to the root "spek-" found in in specimen, spectacle, spectrum, and speculate.

The original skeptic was Pyrrho of Elis, a Greek philosopher (365-270 BC). Pyrrho argued that since there are plausible arguments for both sides of any issue, the only rational practice is to suspend all judgment, abandon worries of every kind (Gk. ataraxia), and live comfortably in an appreciation of the appearances.

In this case, regarding our spirit guide messages, skepticism is a belief in something other than what you are hearing. It is a belief that there is no proof, and therefore the messages are inauthentic.

We would like to point out two things: first, "proof" is difficult to come by in the world. Almost everything humans believe in is predicated on faith, rather than proof. You say that gravity is real because things fall to the ground, which is true, but there is no explanation for why masses attract, only theories.

A usual response to this is, "But someone understands why gravity works, some scientist does." Actually, all science is based on theories which are useful and applicable to operating in the world. For another example, DNA is too small to see, and so there is no "proof" that it is (or isn't) in a double helix shape. That's just a model so that people can understand it better.

Second, accuracy and correctness are less valuable than applicability and usefulness.

If a message you hear from another person or from a spirit guide doesn't make good sense to you, you are certainly not required to believe it!

Our messages are sent with the best of intentions to help you to live well, love each other, and journey toward enlightenment. Use an open heart as well as your best common sense to determine what serves your highest good.

With love, The Guides

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