Question for The Guides: I will be 69 -- new career?

New CareerI will be 69 years old this year - is there a place in my future for a new career?

Dear Friend,

Certainly not because of your age is there no change forecasted for your career -- it's what we consider as your career itself that might surprise you.

You are a bridge-builder. You connect one person to another, and a person to an idea. You suggest, counsel, and re-frame people's realities.

Some come to that position because of time. Not you -- you have always been a helper, a shoulder to cry on, a listener, a friend.

No matter what you do for money, you will always be a bridge-builder. It's your calling.

How can you take that role and make money? You can broker deals and remember to take a cut (you often forget). You can become a business matchmaker. You can become a ward councillor, a politician, a mayor. Just remember what role to play, and you'll be fine.

The Guides

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