What does a message from the Guides sound like? What areas do they cover?

What does a message sound like-

What does a message from the Guides sound like? What areas do they cover?

Dear Friend,

We are a team of Guides and we are working with you on many issues right now.

One is your level of mild depression. It's a genetic condition (look at your mother's side), it's a bio-chemical imbalance, and it is NOT brought on directly from your work situation.

These are the symptoms that you have been experiencing lately: a feeling of being a failure, a feeling of not contributing to the larger society, a feeling of "disappointing others."

We, your loving Guides, would like to point out that you are contributing a LOT to the lives of those immediately close to you. Please notice the changes in the lives of the people in your near surroundings -- they have become more productive, more energetic, happier, more light-hearted: thanks to YOU.

At this juncture, changing your career path would throw you for a loop. It would set you back a few steps in terms of your personal growth.

However, it IS time for you to study something further to gear up for a career shift in 2015. We suggest that you take on a course in Early Childhood Education and get a certificate. Not a full diploma, not an expensive Montessori-type certification. Just a brief program. Because you are already a natural.

Please be aware that you are breathing from your chest and not from your abdomen. Please also notice that sugar is causing you to tear up / choke up and get too emotional. Please consider taking 5-HTP, a natural supplement. Please consider reflexology and Chinese acupuncture.

That is all for now. We are with you every day.

Your Guides.

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