Message from The Guides: Variety in Your Systems

Variety in your systemToday we are going to speak to you about valuing diversity within yourselves and in your world.

The law of requisite variety, as developed by cybernetic thinker W. Ross Ashby, states:

the variety of actions a control system should be able to execute must be at least as great as the variety of environmental perturbations that need to be compensated for.

What does the law of requisite variety mean for you in terms of Spirit?

You are a system, and within you swirl many energies: memories, goals, and ideas. Outside of you is another system, the physical world. Beyond the visible plane is another system, the metaphysical world. All these systems are complex, containing a colorful mixture of matter and energy.

The law of requisite variety has something to teach you. You will be better able to deal with the new things the universe is about to show you if you can open up to the complex and multifaceted nature of your inner being.

A diverse society is more likely to survive a disease outbreak. A multi-lingual people is more likely to survive an invasion. Naturally pollinated plants are more likely to survive a plague.

Think about the complementary functions of the people who make your life work. It would not be easy to get along if any one of your core companions left the system. Now remember that you are important to the rest, and that your contributions matter.

Look inside yourself and you will find many "you's." Appreciate the chapters from your past which elicited your learning. It is probable that you will be called upon to share even the gifts that you considered least useful.

Now, we would like you to ask yourself, "How can I recognize and generate the requisite spiritual diversity within myself?"

One way is to tune in to the various voices that guide you. Maybe one sounds like a parent, protecting you from danger. Perhaps another sounds like a child, encouraging you to take a break and play. Another nudges you to spend more time in prayer or meditation and sounds like a friend.

Think of the following paradoxes and know they hold true for every being in your world. You are singular, and you are multiple. You are one, and you are all. You are unique and yet part of the whole. Value the diversity in all the systems.

Be still.

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