Question for The Guides: How Can I Become a Better Writer?

How can I become a better writer-

Question from a message recipient:

How can I become a better writer?

Dear Friend,

Writing is a challenging art, only recently mastered by many humans. How magic it is to capture speech and stories so that people far away in time and space can read them! Writing is actually a version of time-delayed telepathy. We encourage you to continue developing this art.

We see that it's not easy, and we would like to help you. When you are trying too hard, you get frustrated and your work is less satisfying. When you are in the flow, the work is easy and the results make you happier.

Here is one way to write with Spirit guiding you:

In your mind, step into a chamber that is shaped like a big egg. There are comfortable cushions on the floor. You have a little desk with your writing things there, too. Make yourself a nest there and sit down. Relax.

The walls of the egg are transparent, but they are turning white. You have plenty of space, plenty of air, but you are being protected from the outside world.

Inside this private space, nobody can see you or hear you. You are truly on your own, in blissful solitude.

What you are going to write now is only for you, for the joy of it. You can do whatever you like with it afterwards, even burn it up, or send it away in a bottle in the ocean.

An additional point: imagine that nobody who is referred to or symbolized even slightly in your writing will ever see this work.

Now write.

Here is one more thing to remember. The muses (who are also spirit guides) will help with the quality of your writing, but you are the one who produces the quantity. You do your part, and the guides will do their part to help you say what you want to say in a way that will be pleasing to all.

We send you our support.

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