What is the Nature of the Guides?

What is the nature of the guides? pin

We are happy to be communicating with you today. We would like to speak to you a little bit about the nature of spirit guides.

Different cultures call "spirit guides" by different names. Artists think of spirit guides as "muses," beings who inspire beauty and creativity. In a religious context, spirit guides are similar to angels, beings close to God who can intercede on behalf of humans. Many spiritual practices venerate ancestors and saints, humans who have passed on to the next life but are still available to assist people on Earth. Others speak of "Ascended Masters."

Certainly your cultural reference points will help you decide which way you would like to understand the guidance you receive. No matter which name you use, spirit guides share the following characteristics:

We are non-material. Although we sometimes speak or act under the auspices of living things, we are made of Spirit and as such are invisible.

We are not "alive" in the same way you are. We will not "die" after a certain period of time, we do not age or decay, and by the time we are spirit guides, we will not re-incarnate. We may take on other responsibilities and therefore move on to the next level in the spiritual realm, but that's different.

We have vision, but we are not omniscient. Partially because we are not encumbered with human ego difficulties and emotional burdens, we have a more objective view on human life. We are not omniscient and we cannot always predict the future (although we do have a better idea of it than most humans). Human beings have free will, and the future is not set in stone.

We are helpful. Our mission is to lead you toward enlightenment. Sometimes the path we indicate may not appear to be the shortest distance between two points, but there are many ways to climb a mountain, and we are showing you the best path for you.

Some people worry that spirit guidance has misled them. We advise: always use your intelligence and your best judgment. Never do anything you would not do on your own. Apply your physical senses to check whether what we are telling you is feasible, beneficial, and reasonable. Then try it out, step by step, and see if it works.

If you feel misled or confused, take a break from communicating with other planes and re-ground yourself on Earth. Spend time outside, do some reality meditation, and work with solid objects (cook a meal, or transfer a plant from one pot to another, for example). When you have taken some time, look back on where your expectations were leading you. If you need to, visit a spirit interpreter or someone with more experience to help you understand confusing messages.

This is all we have to tell you today. Keep your mind open to new experiences and we will be communicating with you more directly.

With much love, The Guides

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