Three Kinds of Dreams and How to Interpret Them

3 kinds of dreams

Today we would like to tell you about dreams.

There are three main kinds of dreams. In the first kind, you are simply processing information which has been part of your experience, whether it occurred that day or in the past.

A second kind of dream is when you are able to perceive new meaning by linking two events or by inserting a character from one part of your life into a scene from another part.

For example, if your kindergarten teacher shows up at your wedding, and you were able to remember this when you woke up, you might try to interpret the significance of the conjunction of this character with this scene.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What feelings does my kindergarten teacher evoke?
  • What does a "wedding" scene mean to me? Is it "real" or does it symbolize something else?
  • If each character in the dream were an aspect of myself, which aspect would my kindergarten teacher represent? And what would it mean to have that side of myself emphasized in this setting?

The third kind of dream is called a "journey" dream. In this dream, one of your spirit guides comes and leads you on an adventure. You may encounter danger or you may see other worlds. But the whole time, even if it doesn't feel like it during your dream, you are actually completely safe.

Sometimes these journey dreams feel like nightmares. When you wake up with a "start," or you feel as if you have jerked back into your body, or you've fallen with a thump, or your heart is beating strongly, that means you were on a journey. While you are lying in your bed, it may take a few minutes to regain a sense of calm, or to fall asleep again.

We would just like to tell you that these dreams are common. They are one of the ways we engage with you, and they are good opportunities for you to learn. It's kind of like going on a field trip at school.

If you find yourself aware of being on a journey while you are still asleep, that is, aware of being met by a guide or being led to another place, please try to relax. Know that you are always being cared for. Things may not appear "normal," but really you are in good hands.

Blessings, The Guides

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