Question for The Guides on "What Work Should I Do?"

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Question from a client:

I'm not sure what kind of work I should do next. Do you have any suggestions?

Dear Friend,

We are sure that you are walking the "path of the heart" no matter what kind of job you take next.

Whether you become a baker, a gardener, or a computer programmer, you will do it with love and everyone will benefit.

When you were a child, what did you want to become? Make a list of all the occupations you thought you might want to do.

Now, after each occupational title, jot down a few adjectives or key words that relate to each one. For example, after "helicopter pilot" you could write: helpful, technical, adventure, emergencies

Don't limit yourself by thinking, "Well I can't write down 'X' because I don't have any training in that area and I'm already too old."

Instead, look at your list and congratulate yourself on your imagination! Now take your favorite jobs and imagine yourself vividly in each one. When you place yourself in each setting, allocate yourself all the necessary talents to excel at the job.

Do you like what you see? For example, does it feel like the right balance of structure and creativity?

Next, look through those key words and see if you can determine any patterns. How can you bring those together and fit them into your current life?

You can decide what you would like, and you can create an approximation of that future in the present.

Our task is to help you see that there are actually no barriers to whatever you want to do. There are no requirements about training, there are no limitations in terms of geography.

The only parameter is what you design.

Practice, by yourself or with a friend, saying in the present tense what you want to happen in the future.

For example, and after you've decided exactly what you want, say, "I am a language teacher who works with children." Say it until you believe in your vision. When you're ready, tell others.

Do you have to wait to start? Wait for what? Wait only until you want both the happiness and the responsibility that having this new kind of a job will bring you.

With love and power, The Guides

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