Message from The Guides: What IS Your Purpose/Vocation/Calling?

What is my calling or vocation-

Dear Friends,

Every one of you has at least one calling (or most likely several callings) in your lifetime. If you have not gotten around to fulfilling them yet, they become like "a dream deferred," or seem so distant that only superheroes could accomplish them.

We suggest that now is an appropriate time for you to re-examine those dreams.

To what vocation are you being presently summoned? And how can you tell the difference between a spirit-led dream and a fear-driven daydream?

Here are some of the characteristics of true vocations, as opposed to fantasies or escape scenarios:

Your vocation helps the people to whom you are linked as a loving adult (children, your partner) thrive. It is not an abdication of responsibility.

Your vocation serves the highest good of humanity by fostering life, creativity, and communicating the Good News as you believe in it. Although making money is a healthy part of the vision, your vocation is not aimed only at financial gain.

Your vocation is joyful, fun, and an exciting challenge. It is not drudgery.

Your vocation brings out your best points and tests your insecurities. Although you often feel "at ease" in your vocation, it is not "easy."

Your vocation brings you recognition, but mainly from those who matter to you. In your eyes and to those who care about your dream, your vocation is a "grand undertaking" even if it does not lead to grandiose fame.

Whether you are a small part of a large organization or your own boss, your vocation is your own. You feel aligned with your tasks and you have the power to make creative decisions about how you accomplish your goals.

At the end of each day, your vocation brings you a feeling that you took steps to make the world a better place. It helps you say, "Yes, that was worth doing."

Your spirit guides ar here to help you find or clarify your vocation. You have several vocations during each lifetime, and each one offers you great opportunities for growth and learning. The transitions between them can be very difficult as you shift your perceptions of your identity, and we are especially nearby when you are feeling most lost.

Peace and comfort to you on your journey.

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