Message from The Guides: Intuition vs Discernment

Intuition vs DiscernmentToday we would like to speak with you about intuition. There is a worldwide movement encouraging you to trust your intuition more.

Even your leaders say, "In addition to the facts, I also have a strong feeling..." and at a certain level this makes you feel more comfortable about their decisions.

We would like you to develop your powers of discernment right alongside your powers of intuition.

We would also like you to remember that one person's intuition does indeed help him or her tap into the universal truth, but that truth can be translated back into suggested action only through his or her particular filter. You hear the messages of your intuition colored by your personal agenda, by your background, and by your current cultural surroundings.

Someone who has grown up near the ocean might find it easier to understand what the dolphins are saying, or to know a boat accident happened. Someone from the city who is vacationing at the beach might or might not be able to tune in to that kind of knowledge.

Human beings are both timeless spirits and contextualized, grounded beings. Recall this when you are reaching for understanding and "sensing" deep in yourself what is really going on and what your right course of action could be.

Your ability to create reality comes into play here as well. Reality creation implies that you have an intended outcome in mind. Thus, your intuition may become mixed in with that goal, and soon "all the signs point to success."

Hope helps. What we are cautioning against is forcing "the signs" to tell you that your future holds exactly what you want it to.

If you can allow yourself to be a bit more comfortable with the shifting sands of the now, in which various paths will be revealed and hidden, revealed and hidden, you will discover that you rely much less on seeing the distant lights of your goal and much more on placing your foot down well in your next step.

You will get to where you need to go. We are with you.

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