Message from The Guides: Working with the Law of Attraction

Law of AttractionDear Friends,

Today we would like to tell you about the connection between abundance and the evolution of humans.

You are seeking nourishment, you are seeking appropriate tools, and you are also seeking beauty and joy in your life.

In recent years, you have received good spiritual guidance on abundance from authors such as Neale Donald Walsch, Julia Cameron, Gillian Edwards, Susan James, Caroline Myss, and other thinkers and healers who are encouraging you to open up your hearts and accept the gifts the universe is offering you.

We would like to expand upon these ideas and remind you of the power you have to help yourself. We would like to tell you more about your evolution and how you can increase your awareness of where you are going next.

Before all else, you must value yourself and perceive that you are a worthy caretaker and guardian of everything the universe provides, both natural resources and material goods.

We are describing a two-fold process. First, accept exactly what you have right now and be grateful for it. Second, expand your vision of new things that will help you be your highest self, and thank the Universe for providing those gifts at the appropriate time for you.

Accept What You Have

Make a list entitled "Holding." Including everything you legitimately own yourself. Don't include shared goods such as a car you co-own with a family member. When listing categories such as "clothing," be specific -- count every pair of socks, write down the name every book. Depending on your situation, this task could take some time, so you might want to spread it out over a couple of days.

As you catalogue your possessions, take the opportunity to thank them for how they have served you. If you find things you don't need anymore -- books you have read, music you don't listen to anymore, a jacket you have outgrown, put these aside and prepare to take them to a charity for recycling. These goods will soon belong to their new owners. They are your "Giving."

Expand Your Vision

Start another list called "Attracting." These are the things you are bringing toward yourself.

When you listed out your worldly goods, you may have noticed that you need some tools which would help you play out your role in this plane. For example, when looking through your furniture you might have observed that you don't have a good reading lamp. It is your responsibility to care for your body, and your eyesight is important.

In reality creation and wish fulfillment, you name and describe what you would like to appear, and then you watch it gratefully as it comes into your life. These techniques teach you about appreciation. You learn to accept that Spirit knows what is best for you and will give it to you at the appropriate time.

Needs and Limitations

When it comes to expanding your vision, you may be struggling with discernment and wondering what is appropriate to wish for. You may be asking yourself, "But what do I really need?" You are right when you understand that need is an illusion. If you are still here, reading this message, you have everything you need in order to do so.

The Franciscan vow of poverty led to a life without attachment to food, clothing, and shelter. This practice emphasized the spirit within the body and negated the body's needs. However, the Franciscan ideal always drew power from love.

Loving yourself means providing well for yourself. However, it can be tricky to t yourself, "What do I deserve? Can I determine what is 'enough' in terms of material earnings?" Try imagining yourself as your own beloved child, one who would never be "spoiled" by presents.

Another way you limit yourself is when you claim you don't have enough energy to do a certain job or take on an assignment, and therefore you limit your income. When you are working in alignment with Spirit, and you are following the path of Right Livelihood, you will have plenty of stamina.

For example, if you are a massage therapist who usually says, "I can see three clients a day and no more," you might not realize that sometimes Spirit wants you to see four people, or has a particular 'fourth person' who on one occasion really needs your help.

No matter what your field, when you grow rigid about your energy constraints, you prevent the possibility for growth. When you open yourself up (while checking to make sure you're not over-extending), you are working with Spirit and allowing good to flow through you.

Affinity and Attachment

A corollary to reality creation is "like attracts like," and so the richer we are in spiritual terms and the happier we are, the more we will draw material reflections of that happiness toward us.

However, apply this tenet to yourself and not to other people. Some who believe in pre-destination (that one is bound for Heaven or Hell) evaluate earthly wealth as a clue to a neighbor's level of enlightenment: "He is rich, therefore he must be holy."

Just remember that all wealth is an illusion. You are a channel through which all energy, including money, flows. All that energy comes through you into the world and ends up somewhere else, whether in the hands of another person, in the goods you purchase, or even in the waste bin or recycling container. It's all temporary.

Envy and possessiveness you sometimes feel about "my stuff" and "my space" keep you attached to that particular stuff and that individual space, whereas in fact better stuff and better spaces probably await you.


What we are sharing with you today is a new angle on abundance thinking and how that relates to human evolution.

When you "accept what you have," you know that at one level humans are material beings and exist in a material world.

When you "expand your vision," you see that you are evolving into new beings, unlimited by illusions of materiality.

These new beings are a blend of Homo noeticus and Homo ludens.

"Homo noeticus" is a "person who is conscious." This being has more than five senses and can tune in to inner spiritual patterns and soul lessons. As thinker John White puts it, Homo noeticus has evolved from Homo sapiens by shifting from self-centeredness to God-centeredness. Caroline Myss says that in this new identity, human spiritual and physiological chemistry have changed.

As a highly developed spiritual being, Homo noeticus is not only telepathic but is also less limited by the influences of environment, hereditary, childhood experiences, and even his or her own body. In short, Homo noeticus is the offspring of the evolution of consciousness on your planet.

"Homo ludens" is a "person who plays." The idea came from Dutch historian Johan Huizinga and describes the creative, childlike, energy that humans use to innovate and bring the whole species forward. The key characteristic of Homo ludens is joy.

When Homo noeticus combines with Homo ludens, the result is a conscious, joyful person. It is the integration of adult and child, of heaven and earth.

This new human is called Homo bonus, meaning "a person who is good." This being is both an evolution and a return to original humanity the way God created it.

This is our message for today.

Peace, The Guides

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