Some Advice on Visiting Mediums

Some advice on visiting mediumsTelevision has popularized mediums who receive messages from the other side. There is good in this activity in that more people are aware of life after death, fewer people fear death, and many are are comforted by knowing that they will be with their loved ones after their time on Earth is over.

However, it is necessary to exercise caution in dealing with anyone who claims to be a medium. The practice of mediumship is challenging and requires well-established personal boundaries and psychological balance.

If you see a medium on TV or in person, you might wonder if he or she is legitimate. You might think that the accuracy of the information received (a person's name or a city) would be a solid clue as to the medium's legitimacy. That is not always the case. Some spirits use identifying details (as in, "Remember our trip to Disneyland when you were 11?") to make sure the recipient believes them. Some don't.

If you visit a medium (or see one on television), we suggest that you watch for the following signs:

Sincerity of spirit's communication Does the spirit seem to "want" to speak with you? This is a good signal. Spirits are longing to have direct contact with the living, and mediums provide this. Excitement and intensity are hallmarks of real contact.

Authenticity of spirit's emotions and personality See if the spirit's emotions "match" those of the departed. For instance, if your deceased grandfather was quiet and shy, the spirit chould sound "excited" (as above) but stay aligned with his original personality. Spirit will come to you basically in the form in which you knew him while alive.

However, remember that spirit messages are filtered through the medium's vocabulary and knowledge range. So even if your grandfather never used slang, if that's how the medium speaks, that's how you'll hear the spirit.

Most mediums do not channel voices. It's more like they're speaking to someone on a long-distance call and relaying the messages to you. "He says he's happy to hear about your new house," etc.

Message content Spirits may communicate personal messages such as, "I'm sorry," or they may offer opinions, "We think you should take that new job." They may predict things in the near future, as in "Don't worry about your debt, you'll soon find a way to pay it off."

Spirits may express some gratitude to the medium but it is unlikely that they would rant on about how wonderful she is. They know the medium is called to this vocation. They're more likely to be happy that you made the effort to contact them.

Client empowerment Everyone can contact spirits. A good medium who is relatively mature will help you find your own ways of receiving and paying attention to spirit messages (dreams, intuition, etc.) The world of spiritual communication is not the sole territory of the medium, it belongs to everyone.

Medium's patience and humility If a medium tells you, "There's a man with dark hair and dark eyes standing behind you holding a bouquet of flowers," and you don't know this person, respond truthfully but openly. Maybe the medium is noticing different features, or maybe the spirit is appearing in an altered form. Perhaps more details will come through, or perhaps this is one of your spirit guides rather than a deceased friend or relative.

In any case, notice if the medium becomes overly impatient with you for not recognizing the spirit. Say that you'll listen to the message no matter who it comes from and see what the spirit has to say.

- * -

A medium is like a skilled translator, but even the most fluent interpreters sometimes make small errors.

No matter what a medium says and no matter what the spirit advises, please use your own best judgment. It is likely that your loved ones are advising you well, especially since they have much less of an attachment to earthly outcomes. But just as on Earth, when a relative or a neighbor gives you an opinion, you make the final call.

We recommend that you visit a medium if you have unresolved issues with someone in your life who has died. There is a chance it will bring you peace of mind. If you are grieving excessively or have been depressed for a long time about the death of a loved one, that's another good reason to attempt contact.

Try to get a recommendation for a good medium from an acquaintance, and go to the session with an open mind. Be willing to compensate this professional whose job is to help you, but pay only as much as you can reasonably afford, not significantly more than the range of a doctor's or dentist's appointment.

Also, try to take notes (if the medium says that's allowed) or to tape record the session. Some details may not make sense to you until much later, and you may be overwhelmed by emotions during the communication.

Peace be to you on your journey.

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