Is It Possible to Watch TV Spiritually?


Today we would like to talk to you about "spiritual nutrition." We're referring to the kinds of inputs you allow yourself to take in during your daily lives.

Imagine yourself waiting in a place where a television is playing. You don't have a pen and paper, there is nothing to read and no window to look out. The fewer options you have, the less harmless watching TV seems.

There is nothing inherently wrong with television. It is a mirror of your world and a window to other places.

The danger lies in the passivity. When you don't exercise your free will, it weakens. Next time, perhaps you'll be in a café with people to speak to or a book to read, and still your eyes drift back toward the television.

When you are in your own place and can switch channels, anticipate a special program, and most importantly turn the TV off, you are demonstrating the minimum level of free will over a very powerful media tool. But in public, the number of TVs is growing and the onslaught is difficult to avoid.

The difficulty of television is that the world portrayed is not one you create. We have been encouraging you to reclaim your power as co-creator of your universe.

TV shows give either pat answers to complex human situations or paint horror stories in the name of "reality." When a person accepts either of these modes as the way the world works, human challenges appear either "easy" or "impossible." Human conflicts are neither simple nor intractable, but rather both challenging and resolvable.

We have a suggestion for you. If you find yourself in a situation where the only external stimulus is a TV, take that as a challenge to pay attention to your internal stimuli. Feel your feet on the floor. Tap out a rhythm with your toes. Take your pulse. Hold your breath. Count your breaths for a minute. Choose a point on your elbow or the back of your knee and see how quickly you can focus your mind there. In the minutes you are stuck in that place, do anything you can to remain "in your body" and present to your human-ness, your reality.

Nourish yourself on a basic diet of real things. You will then be able to take on your life's challenges with greater wisdom and hope.

We send you peace.


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