Why Peace is Not Passive

Why Peace is not PassiveToday we would like to speak to you about peace. Peace is not only a feeling, as in "calmness." It is an action. It is a choice.

Peace means standing your ground rather than advancing into someone else's territory.

Peace means offering a loving hand when someone has "done wrong" and is bristling with fear and anger. Peace works better than punishment.

Realize that in life, much of the anger aimed at you is really someone's cover-up for feeling hurt. And it might not even have been you who injured the person who is now so angry and so aggressive.

Peace is active compassion.

Peace is also being vulnerable and yet strong, because you must hang on and weather the storm.

When you are in the midst of an argument, try to imagine the scene as a drama being acted out on stage. Look past that scowl on the person's face and see the Spirit wearing the mask.

Go into your heart. Find a spark of love for the person who is fighting with you.

Here are some peaceful phrases you can try:

I care about what you think. I am listening to you. You are saying something important here. I'm learning, I'm getting it. I see your perspective. This is important to you. You feel very strongly about this, and that's justified. Let me try to see it from your side. Are you saying ... If possible, let's both take some time to think about this.

If you say any of these statements, they need to come from your heart rather than your mind. Said from the mind, these might come across as manipulating the person into calming down so you can advance your own "more convincing" arguments. Said from the heart, these statements are sincere efforts to empathize.

Work on your ability to empathize, because you will discover that people are not purposefully trying to thwart you. They are doing what they believe is most beneficial for them, even though that might be different from what you think is best, but so be it.

Often, someone else's loud "NO!" is a reflection of a smaller "no" lingering inside of you. Reflect on that the next time someone objects to your plan. Is there a small part of you that's also unsure? Bring out that minority voice within you. It contains wisdom that will add insight to your whole decision-making process.

When you allow your loved ones and people around you to exercise their free will, in most cases the world will not end. Use your best judgment and intervene only if you believe someone is going to get seriously hurt. Otherwise, the details of life are up to the individual.

Recall that in the long run, everyone is on the same path. The destination is always Home, although the detours may appear to be frustratingly many! When you actively choose peace, you walking your path with less conflict and aggravation. You are remembering that the journey is for learning, but it's also for you to enjoy.

Peace and patience,

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