How Can We Use Insight as a Superpower?

Today we would like to speak with you about power. Many people ask themselves questions such as:

Do I have any power? Who gives us power? Do I give it to myself? If my power is not respected by others, is it real?

You might have heard in the parlance of reality creation that you are a "powerful" being. You might have heard that you have not yet tapped into a fraction of your powers. You might have heard that you are "a co-creator of the universe."

How can this be so, when you are struggling in your relationships, struggling to make ends meet, and wishing for change but seeing no seeds bearing fruit?

We would like to point out that you have power in the form of insight. When you realize that your soul is immortal and that you are here in this lifetime for learning, you gain power over your circumstances. This insight is one source of your power. There are other powers, all to be found within yourself and all given by God. Every single person has access to these gifts, it's just a matter of finding them and applying them to life's challenges.

Immortality affords you detachment. Returning to the analogy of the drama in which you are acting, no matter what happens to your character, you the actor will walk offstage and live to act another day.

When everything is going haywire, telling yourself, "this too shall pass" is a great way to detach yourself from those feelings of powerlessness and panic.

The others around you will probably not want to hear "this too shall pass" if that makes it look as if you're not taking the situation seriously. Even if people want to believe you, a whirlwind of disasters is quite convincing, although it's only as real as a painted backdrop.

Be respectful of other people's reactions to catastrophe. Use your power of insight to take the long view, and see that all problems are temporary. At the same time, pitch in and address what's going on. Help clean up the mess. But know inside yourself that Life has much much more to show you before this play is done.

Go well.

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