Strategies to Persevere in Times of Trouble

Persevere in times of trouble

Today we would like to speak to you about perseverance.

When you are facing a tough situation that seems as if it has no end, you often tell yourself, "I can hang on until at least the end of this week." Then you predict that your energy will run out and you'll have to give up.

The strength in a statement like that lies in its forecast of life beyond just "today." Imagining the future can encourage you to go forward, even if you know it's just an illusion.

However, the weakness in the statement also lies in its projection into the future. Because you are fully alive only in the present, you can suffuse emotion into (that is, send your chi or energy to) actions taking place right now.

So there's a paradox in telling yourself you can hold on for a certain length of time that extends beyond the now.

But how else do people survive terrible situations like imprisonment or war?

Some survivors delve deeply into themselves and find their soul's path. The soul does not "suffer." Suffering is not pain, but the reaction to pain and the rejection of pain. Suffering is saying, "This pain should not be happening to me" or "When will this pain be over?"

The soul looks at pain and asks not "why?" but "for what?" The soul uncovers how the pain will act as a catalyst for the change the soul needs to facilitate in the person.

Thus, our answer to the questions around perseverance come from several directions. First of all, do continue to "hang in there." Don't give up. Stay mindful, stay present. If you can, take a break from "solving the problem" and just be. You are yourself no matter what's happening around you.

Second, predict to yourself that you will be able to keep on persevering, and even flourishing, under your present conditions. We're not talking about allowing yourself to get hurt gratuitously. But the outside world does not need to alter in order for you to prosper, only you do.

Last, shift your attention from the question "Why did this pain come into my life?" (and the corollary questions, "Whose fault is this, mine or theirs?" and "If I did X, would this pain just go away?") toward the new question of "How can this pain move me toward becoming more whole?"

Persevering is one of the great challenges for humans. We wish you much success and happiness.

With love, The Guides

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