Message from The Guides: Life as a Stage

Life as a Stage

Today we would like to tell you more about the idea that human life is like a play acted out on a stage.

An actor on stage usually works with co-actors who are colleagues to help play out the scene. They speak their lines to each other and move toward or away from each other. A director, usually off-stage, manages the action.

In life, you are an actor. One difference between life and the karmic theatre is that you are also your own director. You control your own actions, but not those of the other characters in your scenario. You speak your lines, but you don't know what the responses will be.

At a deeper level, however, you are also your play's producer. Previous to this life, your soul selected the scenario you would be playing out as well as your co-actors. Although none of the details nor the outcomes were pre-determined, the stage was set.

Now you can use this knowledge of yourself as actor, director, and producer to gain more equanimity about your current situation. If your soul chose these companions and these particular challenges for you, there must be a good reason for it. Your task is to figure out what the scenario calls for and play your role to the hilt.

If you stomp off stage in frustration and leave this job, this partnership, this city, in order to "finally be happy" you may very well find yourself back in a parallel theatre with a similar job, a similar partner, in a similar setting.

Try to see the humor in it, and tell yourself, "This is just a stage I'm going through."

Most of all, trust your soul and know that you are here for a reason, or in fact many reasons.

We wish you well.

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