How Can We Achieve Honor?

Today we would like to speak with you about honor. It is the right time to remind you about honoring your calling.

We hear many of you worrying about finding your path and making enough money to sustain yourselves. We understand how hard it is to keep your hopes up, especially when you are in debt. It might even seem laughable to "imagine abundance" when your finances or your employment situation are in a terrible state.

What you are called to be is honest. What you are called to be is fair.

Use your finest powers of discernment to realize that it doesn't matter what the other person does, it matters what you do. You have the power to control your actions. You make your own decisions. And you determine your own simple or complicated consequences.

We're talking about paying taxes, we're talking about charging for the correct number of hours worked, we're talking about turning in assignments on time. The old adage, "When you cheat, you're cheating yourself," is 100 percent true. You're cheating yourself out of your calling to be a fulfilled and relaxed person.

When you're honest with your money and sincerely generous with your time, you feel better about yourself and the whole world. As soon as you begrudge a dime, as soon as you resent a minute, that positive feeling disappears and the grey cloud of a miser settles in around your head.

Some people might be tempted to cheat or to hold back a piece for themselves because they still believe in scarcity. They still believe "there's not enough."

If you ever catch yourself thinking along lines of scarcity, take a little time and be generous with yourself. Take a little power and give yourself something beautiful, even if it's a single flower. Take a little kindness and compliment yourself on something good you did with intention and integrity. Take a little space and let yourself be alone, and appreciate that room to think.

We wish you well.

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