What Are Soul Trails?

Today we would like you to learn about the unique role you play in transferring energy from one location to another.

Because you are all energy, you leave behind a sparkling trail when you go from point A to point B. Your journey across the land looks like a jet airplane's across the sky. Your journey is traced out on the map like flight routes you see in the back of an inflight magazine.

Your trail is as unique as your DNA. It carries your special identity. As you move, this signature trail shifts slightly based on your intention and your attitude. A happy journey leaves a bright, clean trail, whereas an irritable trip leaves behind a dim, faint track.

Although you leave behind atoms of energy as you go, you are not "losing energy" in a harmful way. In fact, this is your purpose: to crisscross your environment with "soul songlines." Others will feel your energy when they take the same route or when they cross the path you've left behind, even if you are no longer there. You've heard of people who "spread good cheer wherever they go." That cheer is tangible, and at some levels it is even visible.

Your sacred work is to scribe paths that reflect and honor the heavenly orbits, the swirl of the cosmos. On Earth, the pyramids are placed to mirror the alignment of the stars in the sky. Similarly, the individual map you write upon the planet praises the rest of creation.

This mission helps explain why people are drawn to sacred sites: it's part of their map. One of your guardian angels' tasks is to prompt you to visit or live in a certain place. Your sparkle is needed there. You are called to resonate at a high frequency there, to use your energy wisely there.

The journeys you make reflect your personal astral map. Whether you go from home to school or work and back again or around the world, the vibrations you carry reach certain notes and contribute to universal harmony. All together, Life sounds like an orchestra of praise for creation. Sing your note as clearly as you can.

With love, The Guides

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