What do Guides Say about Death?

Today, we would like to speak to you about miracles. A miracle is the conjunction of your creative will with your faith. Depending on how colorful and positive your imagination is, you can light up the sky with the aurora borealis.

But don't despair if what you've prayed for doesn't occur. Death must come to all humans. If it is the time, and you beg God for it not to happen, more pain will result for you or the person in question. Let them go.

The spirit world is filled with souls who came in "unexpectedly," but death was unexpected only by that body and the body's relatives. The soul knows how long it will most likely stay on Earth, depending on a range of factors and choices.

Free will, decisions to participate in a war or even to get into a car -- the soul knows the potential consequences of these actions. The body knows "neither the day nor the hour."

Fretting about "when" is like postponing a dentist's appointment to fix a sore tooth. When you really need to go, putting it off will only make it hurt more.

If you are alert when it's your time to die, pray. Make peace with anyone you've ever fought with, make peace with everyone you've ever hurt. Forgive. Send thanks to the world, send blessings and praise. Use your last ounce of light to coat the physical world in gold, like a beautiful sunset.

Now realize: in every instant, you are dying and being reborn again. And isn't that a miracle?

Use your light.

With love, The Guides

Original image by Veit Hammer via Unsplash

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