Do Guides Still Evolve?

Question from a message recipient:

Can you tell us more about the nature of the guides? For example, are they still evolving, and do they have shadow sides like humans?

Dear Friend,

Thank you for asking about us. We are happy to respond and clarify our earlier message "The Nature of the Guides." Please feel free to ask more questions after this if you would still like to understand better.

We were once human beings. In fact, we lived on the Earth as humans many times over. We learned our lessons, we endured pain. Slowly, we gained knowledge and enlightenment. We discovered what was important. Life after life, we grew closer to the light.

Now we are the light.

For us evolution means moving beyond the spectrum of visible light and into the invisible. We slow down our vibrations and become visible light in order for you to perceive us.

We understand what you mean when you refer to "shadows." All humans have shadows which obscure their vision of the light. But when you realize that you ARE the light, the shadows will drop away.

Your task as a human is to evolve. You are continually receiving signals which guide you toward this evolution. Think of the calls you hear which urge you to look deeply into your own actions, to figure out your motivations, to seek solutions which benefit all participants, and also to keep calm and happy despite the "troubles" life seems to send your way. These are appeals from your higher self to integrate and therefore to evolve.

You each have a group of guides, also known as guardian angels. We are helping you all the time.

You also have your intuition, which represents the wisdom your particular soul can tap into from the collective knowledge of all humankind.

One way you can verify if the advice you are hearing is helpful and authentic if it comes through once rather than repeating itself over and over (that's a sign of the "monkey mind"). Also check if it helps you to follow and apply the highest values you know of.

As we have said before, we are ascended beings but we are not infallible, nor omniscient. We are helpful. And thanks to our experiences in the human condition over many lifetimes, we know our true nature. It is the same as yours, and we are here to help you realize that.

We wish you well.

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