How to Time-Travel to Help Yourself

A photo by dan carlson. we would like to ask you to contemplate the relationship between your young self and your present self.

We would like you to open your mind to a new way of thinking about time and history. Expanding your vision of causality, try taking on the new belief that time does not work in the way that humans thought it did.

Imagine yourself first as a child and now you as your present age, co-existing. What is the relationship like between the two of you?

When you think about yourself as a child, do you feel compassionate and warm? Do you picture this child with friendliness? If this child wandered into a café where you were, would you help him or her find his way home?

Thinking in a quantum way, you can send energy toward anyone at any moment. When you remember yourself as a child having a bad day, in pain, or confused, there is something you can do, some positive change you can effect. Right now, ground yourself and then send positive thoughts toward this child.

Picture yourself as this child receiving an inspiration, a wave of relief, a sudden feeling that "No matter what happens, I am loved. I have a future. There is a reason for me to be here." Even if it's just for an instant, that child feels better.

Now acknowledge that you have accomplished this. You as an adult have helped yourself as a child to get out of a stuck moment.

Whenever you feel strong and happy, you can continue to send yourself positive thoughts, treating your child-self as a separate-yet-same character, in a quantum loop of support and love. Taking this one step further, you can also ask for assistance from your future self, who probably has a bit more experience than you do now.

To you helping yourself! Yes!

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