Are Children More Psychic Now?

Children more psychic now-

Are more children being born  psychic these days?

Compared to previous generations, the souls that are choosing to come onto Earth now are able to maintain a clearer awareness of where they came from. This is a blessing, but it's also a challenge.

Imagine yourself as a refugee in a strange country. Although you're adopted by a family, you don't speak the language and you feel isolated and misunderstood.

Most importantly, in your home country you were a qualified professional. Here, none of your skills and qualifications are recognized. You'll have to go through years of training in order to reach levels far lower than where you were at home. That's frustrating.

For every generation born since around 1952, this semi-awareness of previous lives has affected humanity's progress. We will describe some of the characteristics of various groups.

1952-1970 For children born during this era, the keyword is "understanding." There has been a great seeking of spiritual knowledge, especially ecumenically or across religious borders and boundaries.

This group believes in dialectics, examining first one side and then the other. For example they look at science, then religion, and try to reconcile the two. This generation has brought the Earth great learning; however, they are quick to take the credit for the study. Their downfall is their pride and their dependence on "proof" rather than belief.

When a neighbor describes a personal problem, someone from this generation is more apt to question, "What happened?" in order to understand the problem rather than the person. Although the next question will certainly be "What can be done to help?", this generation needs to learn to just sit with a person in need.

1970-1980 For children born in this time period, the keyword is "feeling." They allow their intuition to influence their sense impressions, and they make decsions based on more than the "seen" world.

Although still dependent on evidence, this group prefers to base their assessments on their own personal experiences, rather than on any authority's version. They are often less interested in what someone says but more in how it is said.

Their strength lies in perception, their weakness in judgment and exclusion. This group is dismantling the world's hierarchies, which is the beginning of a wonderful era. The shift is happening, from "lords and serfs" to "tribes." However, in order for those tribes to work independently and interdependently, this generation needs to learn the value of listening and accepting those who do not "feel" the same way they do.

1980-1990 Children born in this time are integrating the progress made by the previous generations. Their keyword is "knowing." They need much less hard evidence as proof, they accept their neighbor's feelings even if different, and they just "know" the right course of action.

However, their challenge is to communicate that knowing in a way that doesn't come across as arrogant, or they will lose the confidence of everyone older. They must aim their empathy at the biases and limitations of the people who came before. They must employ the vibration of care to align people's hearts and minds.

This group contains very powerful meditators, individuals who almost "glow" with joy. Tune into them.

1990-2000 The keyword for this group is "ancient." These people come from another time, but the difference is that they're aware of it. Instead of losing their previous skills and talents, they can tap into them and utilize them. They have a particular facility for contacting the elemental beings, the devas, and knowing how to repair environmental damage and restore the Earth.

In this group you are witnessing the return of great leaders and powerful entities. Their challenge is to keep their focus. Now is not "another chance to launch a new empire." Their goal is specific, and they need help from previous and future generations to direct and concentrate their energies.

2000- The soul is immortal. These children have no doubts about that truth.

On the spectrum ranging from fear to love, this generation lands squarely on the love side. They don't have the same survival fears as the previous generations. In fact, they have few cares at all for the material world because they see that attachment is futile.

Still, they must be shown the value of incarnation. There are reasons why souls take on physical form, and this group must not fall prey to "angelism," the fallacy that the body has no purpose. The keyword for this group, therefore, is "annihilation," (from ad, "to" and nihil, "nothing") because although their tendency is "toward nothingness," they must learn that they are now some thing in the physical world. Their task is to care for this body as well as they care for their soul.

- * -

If you know children in these various generations, help them learn the lessons they came to study.

We thank you.

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