How to Increase Faith in Yourself

How to increase faith in yourself

Today we would like to speak with you about having faith in yourself.

You have faith in yourself when you know you can be counted on in an emergency situation, for instance. Based on your past experience, you readily say, "I'm good in a crisis."

We would like you to increase your faith in yourself. Remember various challenging situations in which you have assisted yourself and others. Witness how you rose to the occasion and used your talents wisely to help yourself and others not only survive but thrive.

The next time you feel that you have handled a challenge well, notice that. If you are in a setting that normally taxes your patience but you keep your cool, remark on that to yourself and add it to your list of internal strengths. The fact that you have done this once means that you can do it again.

Too often you recall only the instances when you "failed." Now you can build up your reserve of faith in yourself and draw on it as new needs arise.


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