How Noticing Your Progress Helps You Love Others More

We would like to give you a message of joy. We would like to congratulate you on the progress you are making! Many of you are tuned into truth. Many of you perceive the path of integrity. You are working toward your health on all the planes, and for this we celebrate your lives with you.

As you read these words, allow yourself to receive energy from the earth and the heavens. Both sources exist in order to feed you, in order to help you with your daily life.

You are here to grow, and you are here to help others. Remember your purpose, and build it into every activity. When you "catch yourself forgetting," take a break and re-align yourself with your reasons for life on Earth. You are meant to be happy here, even though growth is challenging.

What a wonderful thing it is to experience learning. You can see it all around you, people understanding why they acted in a certain way, people asking for forgiveness, people turning to more peaceful ways of communicating with each other, people breaking through barriers to love.

Be patient and compassionate with your neighbors as they grow. It's as if everyone is learning how to walk, and everyone will fall down sometimes.

How do you help a baby learn how to walk? Do you just tell him to put one foot in front of the other? First, you let him do it all by himself. You stand by lovingly. Only if he needs help do you take him by the hand. You also walk safely yourself to show him how it's done.

And for you, now that you're walking, what comes next? Jumping and skipping!

Then flying.

With love, The Guides

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