How Can You Be A Catalyst?

Spiritual Catalyst

Today we would like to talk to you about your role as a catalyst. Even when you are not the main character in a particular story, you influence the outcome.

Picture yourself in a circle of people who are seeking consensus about a particular issue. This scene could be taking place at home, at school, in your community, or at work. Even if you are not the head of the group, the way you participate in the decision-making process will affect the end result.

If you don't agree with the decision but you keep quiet, your dissent will still show through. No matter how well you hide your opinion with a smile or positive body language, deep down the others will know how you feel.

We are talking about communication among people at the energetic or etheric level. In this realm, your colors are easily seen, and you are constantly sending out messages about your reactions.

Since your opinions will be heard and felt at a subtle level anyway, our suggestion is that you might as well voice them on the physical plane. Thus you will be less in conflict with yourself, and others will not be getting mixed signals. You will be perceived and received as more consistent and honest.

In the long run, if you disagree with the group's decision, it is better to share your concerns and hesitations. You have wisdom that will benefit the whole. Just remember to speak your truth with detachment. Last, realize that once you have played your cards, you cannot control the process. Let go of the results. You have done what you could.


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