How to Handle Scary News in the Media

Scary News in the Media

Today we would like to speak to you about the great number of events happening far away from your home that still affect you deeply.

Distant wars change your everyday life. Hearing about war, devastation, and poverty may lead you to feel you have no control over the destiny of humanity. A simple response is, "You do have power because you have control over your own destiny." But your world is a complicated system, in which each actor makes decisions which affect others.

What can you do to work for justice and bring about peace?

Decisions you make on this subject depend on the information you receive. Most people get their information from the news, meaing TV, radio, newspapers, and the internet.

Some say mainstream news is fear-mongering propaganda and mind control. Some people say if you ignore the news, you're turning your back on neighbors at home and abroad.

We suggest you filter your news intake and choose your sources very carefully. Scan a headline. If you can make a personal link to the story, keep reading. If it seems to have nothing to do with you, skip it. Don't litter your mind with news to which you feel no calling. Don't fill your stomach with empty calories.

The news is a powerful information source, and we advise you to ration yourself carefully. The news sends out deeply embedded messages of scarcity, militarism, and international discord, even in allegedly "positive" stories.

Usually we advise you to be fully present and totally engaged in any activity you do. Here is an exception. If you're watching the television news or listening to the radio, please also do something else at the same time, like chopping up vegetables or sorting through the laundry. That way, when a story comes on with which you feel no connection, you can turn to a real problem you can solve.

The downside of broadcast news is that the media systems decide the order and duration of the pieces. In a newspaper, at least you can turn the page. On the internet, you don't have to click through unless you choose to.

You might ask, "Aren't I connected to all of the stories on the news, if I am a human on this planet? Shouldn't I be concerned about my neighbors?" Yes, we suggest that you learn about your environment and meet people. Continue to create solutions and work together for unity and harmony.

If you make the opportunity happen, you can learn about these subjects from your own experience or from people who have "been there" themselves. The larger the force behind the news, the more likely it has been corrupted. When you hear stories from real people, you will perceive the difference immediately, because actual human life is not neat and clean nor packaged for 30 second slots. Trust your own judgment when a reported event seems too 'pat' to be real. Use your discernment.

We wish you well.

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