How to Treat Water on a Spiritual Level

Water how to bless it and why

Today we would like to speak with you about water. This is not a typical scarcity message about how the water on your planet is dwindling and how you should be taking care and not wasting it. That is true but that is not our point at present.

We would just like you to appreciate water whenever you drink it, see it, or use it. Water is a wonderful, magical substance through which chi flows freely.

Your body has a high water content. When water is clean, your body resonates with it. You experience a kind of osmosis at the etheric level when you are in or near clean, fresh water.

When you use or live near polluted water, your body takes that on as well. Therefore, make sure that you are drinking and bathing in the cleanest water possible. Drinking deep well water or using filters will help you maintain emotional as well as physical health.

Clean water should be free and accessible for everyone. If you have a chance to take a stand on advocating for water accessibility, please consider that life force was not meant to be sold by the liter. Conserve, share, and appreciate water.

If you look at the work of Dr Maseru Emoto, you'll find out that blessing water before you drink it (whether it's in tea or coffee or just plain water) lifts its vibration. Bless the lakes and rivers, bless the ocean when you see it.

We bless the life water brings you.

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