New-Old Ways to Think About Generosity

Our message today is about generosity. Your path is teaching you how to love each other with a love like the divine, unconditional love you receive from God, or Life, or the Universe, however you name the Source.

God is perfect and wants for nothing. Therefore God's love is completely generous. How can humans participate in and demonstrate this love?

You are generous and kind to each other. You help each other, you give your time and your resources to each other. We encourage you to continue in these ways.

What we would like to suggest is that you shift your thinking after you do a generous act. We are referring to the Biblical advice, (Matthew 6:3) "But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth."

It is normal for humans to hope that even a small act of generosity be recognized with thanks or at least noticed. You try to quell these wishes for compensation, but they recur. It would be good for you if you could release your need for recognition and decrease your dependence on thanks. You would walk more lightly.

Two fallacies can be unraveled in order to help you on this part of the path.

The first is the fallacy of scarcity, which we have addressed before. If you give someone the last piece of pizza out of generosity, you are still acting out of your belief that there is no more pizza. However, there IS more pizza. There is enough food for everyone. Expand this idea and discover that there is really enough love for everyone.

The second fallacy is about paybacks. Most people do good in order to receive a reward either in Heaven or on Earth. Even believing in karma means you are still in transactional mode. This thinking goes, "If I share my pizza now, I will gain from this generous act in the form of ... getting that job promotion I'm asking for."

You experience what you experience because your soul needs those events to grow and learn. You are called to love and to share because that will help you and others around you to grow and learn more quickly and more easily (in human terms).

Love just is. It cannot be divided up or parceled out. You don't receive three packets of love, whereas someone else receives four. You participate in divine love by being your best self and following the highest calling you can discern. You obtain that discernment by keeping yourself grounded and healthy, mindful and alert, relaxed and happy.

The universe is not really transactional. Life is generous just out of the will to be generous, the feeling that "love creates from love."

Ray Bradbury wrote a story of a man who found Picasso on the beach drawing in the wet sand with a stick. Picasso was creating a marvelous mythical landscape, more beautiful than anything the man had ever seen before. The tide was rising and about to wash it away, but Picasso continued. He was not making this art in order to keep it.

There was only one Picasso. There is only one you. You are you, and your talents are just as special and important.

Give of your inner dreams and share your creative vision without expecting anyone else to pay you for it or even to understand, and you will be participating in divine love and generosity.

We wish you well.

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