2 Techniques for Restful Awareness and How It Helps

restful awareness

Today we would like to tell you about "restful awareness." When you are in this state, you are in the best position to analyze your situation, make decisions, receive guidance, and act in alignment with your highest self.

Times you may have experienced this feeling are right after waking up calmly, after receiving a massage, after a session of meditation, after participating in a religious service, or after a walk in the woods.

We are referring to neither a surge of energy nor physical exhaustion, but to a sense of calmness, lightness, and almost a sense of distance from "reality."

When you are in restful awareness, you are almost floating, but you are grounded. You might see events and people with a certain coolness. A sequence which might ordinarily distress you now makes you philosophical or gently amused.

The opposite of restful awareness is the spiky sensation of attachment. Your blood pressure rises, your temperature increases, and your anger is at the surface. Or fear makes your hands cold and clammy, and you start to panic.

One technique to return to a state of restful awareness is to count backwards from 100. With each number, take in a breath and release it slowly, like a sigh. Every ten counts, tell yourself that by the time you get to zero, you will be calm and alert.

Another technique is to plant your feet on the ground and ask that all the negative emotions drain out of your body and into the earth. Bless and thank the earth for this assistance, and promise to be a steward of nature.

When you are in restful awareness, you can more easily perceive that you are taking part in a drama. You can see yourself as if you were another person. With a larger overview, you can hear guidance more clearly and make better decisions.

Practice putting yourself into restful awareness when you encounter even the most minor of challenges, such as being kept on hold on the telephone, and you will be more able to tap into this feeling when confronted with bigger conflicts.

We wish you well.

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