How Can We Practice a New Flavor of Joy?

A new flavor of joy

One important kind of joy that we would like to see you foster within yourself is the ability to be truly glad for someone else. An opportunity for you to practice this joy is when a great thing happens to someone you know.

When someone else succeeds, it can be challenging to be happy about it.

Human beings operate on a comparison basis. They are always looking over at what their neighbor has and thinking, "I deserve that, right now!" or "If that person gains, why doesn't everybody?"

If your friend succeeds or has tremendous "luck," please take this as evidence of the abundance of the universe. And know that you participate also in the creation of fortune, for your neighbor and yourself.

If someone you consider your "enemy" succeeds or wins great honors, examine your reaction. Do you catch yourself saying, "This person doesn't really deserve that benefit," or does it fuel your jealousy and bad feelings toward this person? Soften your heart. Relax and let the natural flow of eternal justice even out the scales as time passes.

An appropriate response in either case is to say, "There really is no loss or gain, there are only events and circumstances that occur to bring out the best in all of us."

Your goal is to feel happiness and calm no matter what happens, so let this good fortune shining upon your neighbor be a chance for you to access your own inner joy.

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