A New Way to Handle Miscommunications

A new way to handle miscommunications

Today we would like to speak with you about miscommunications with others.

Miscommunications occur frequently on Earth.

Sometimes you might feel as if what you are saying is just not getting heard. You repeat yourself, but your message is not going through to the person with whom you're speaking. This sensation of "talking at cross-purposes" can be very frustrating.

It can also happen going the other direction. Someone is trying to tell you something, but although you hear the words, you don't grasp the meaning. Even if you relay what you think you heard, it's still a mismatch. Why?

Sometimes your egoic self (your human form) is speaking words that are meant as a message from your Self (or soul) to the Self of the other person. The ego resists, treating the words as if they were spoken in a foreign language. The soul always hears and comprehends the message, but the ego doesn't always respond appropriately.

Here is a signal to help you out. If you notice that you have repeated yourself three times and communication is not happening, stop. The message has indeed gone through on a subconscious level, and now it's the soul's turn to work on it.

Miscommunications which represent ego/soul messages can occur even when the subject matter seems merely "practical."

For example, take the question and answer "Can you pick me up at 5:00?" and "I won't have a car then." If this brief dialogue cycles around (with slight variations) three times, you should perceive that there is another issue at stake, perhaps something about trust, interdependence, or a feeling of not being cared for.

After three times you will probably be feeling irritated. Notice that emotion as another flag that this communication is taking place at a level deeper than your egoic personhood. Just remark on that, and step away from the conversation -- make an excuse to take a break, phone the person back, or say you need to re-think what you need.

After a little process time, try approaching the conversation from a position of listening rather than telling. Don't even ask a probing question such as, "What's going on with you?" Reduce your expectations. Your soul and the other person's soul are working something out, and you need to respect that interaction (even if it's with someone you've never met before, such as a shop clerk who can't understand that you want to return a purchase).

Always remember that you are first and foremost a soul, and your Self is here to encounter and get involved with other souls. Miscommunications are part of the plan.

Try to roll with the bumps in the road, and follow the signs as they appear.

We support you in your challenges.

With love,

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