Equanimity vs Reaction, and How Can We Get from B to A?

equanimity v reaction

Dear Friends,

Today we would like to give you a message about equanimity.

Equanimity is a feeling of emotional balance. It doesn't mean being asleep to your emotions, rather it means responding rather than reacting. Equanimity leads you to respond gently to the events unfolding around you -- being gentle with yourself and with others.

The difference between equanimity and an ordinary reaction is the difference between waking up naturally and waking up to an alarm clock.

How do you cultivate equanimity? There are many ways, all aiming at the same goal of eliminating both craving and aversion from your life.

You can ask your Self to be a witness to what you see and feel. Gaining distance from a crisis allows equanimous feelings to prevail when fear or anger would ordinarily arise.

You can also imagine that one eye represents craving and one eye represents aversion, but the third eye sees the Truth, that all is One. Remembering unity leads to equanimity.

Some people practice emotional balance by a) noticing when they are about to become angry or fearful and then b) withdrawing from the situation for a short time. This is a positive first step.

As you develop your equanimity, a more powerful interaction will take place when you can stay in the scenario and hold your temper.

Peace be to you on your journey toward equanimity.

We are with you and supporting you even when it's difficult for you to perceive it.

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