Conscience vs Spirit Guidance: What's the Difference?

Conscience v Spirit Guidance

Today we would like to speak to you about your conscience.

Taken from the Latin "con-" (with) and "science" (knowledge), your conscience is the Higher Self of your ego. It comes through as a voice or a feeling that in a given situation, you should choose the higher moral path. Thus, you are acting "with knowledge" of good and evil.

Is there a difference between information from your conscience and messages from your guides? The aim of both is the same, and since all Truth comes from one Source, you could say that in one sense, conscience and spirit guidance are the same.

However, we would like to draw some distinctions between the two. Your conscience comes into play only when you have already been given a choice.

Spirit guidance can arrive at any moment, and it can inspire you to take a route you might never have explored. Spirit guidance covers more categories than helping you decide between A and B.

While messages from your guides will indeed encourage you to make decisions which will lead you toward enlightenment, spirit guidance will also assist you in using your talents wisely, fostering the relationships which to help you grow, and finding the teachers or other sources of spiritual information your soul is seeking.

Last, spirit guidance reminds you that you are supported by the invisible realms.

Spirit messages help you to remember that you are being cared for and looked after.

Conscience points the way and you should follow it, and spirit guidance holds your hand and walks with you on your path.


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