How Can We Find Stability?

Today we would like to address stability. How can you find the stability to face the challenges of everyday life? Stability in human life does not come from staying fixed in a particular spot.

We suggest you imagine "grace in motion," like a roller skater on the pavement.

Picture a roller skater. Now think of yourself on skates, rolling through your life. Not blithely, not carelessly, but smoothly. Glide down your street, roll through your town. Gain momentum and pick up speed. The wind is in your face, you're outside and a part of the life -- and yet all of a sudden you see obstacles all around you.

Curbs and rocks and dogs all pose challenges for a skater. The world seems full of dangers. A car backing out of a driveway, a bus turning, a deep puddle looming. These are so hard to avoid.

What helps a roller skater stay upright? What helps a skater stay stable?

In skating as in life, you need to take care of yourself and know where you are.

Keep your eyes open. See that oncoming car. Spot the crack in the sidewalk. Beware of the dog. Don't curse them, just observe them and make your decisions based on the reality of your environment. Examine your context and watch how it changes. Awareness, not fear.

By the same token, there's no need to get upset at a puddle on the ground. Don't curse obstacles, work around them. Observation, not anger.

Stay mindful. Do you know where you are, or are you letting the scenery just fly past? If the car's driver doesn't perceive you, do you take the responsibility to be seen? Do you perceive the part you play in making your environment both unique and peaceful? Mindfulness, not obliviousness.

Have fun. You might be skating for transportation or for exercise. But you're outside in the fresh air. You're alive. You're breathing. Enjoy yourself. Joy, not obligation.

The next time you see a skater or the next time you go skating, admire the ease of rolling smoothly through the world and think about how to apply that in your own life. Stability is grace in motion.

Go well.

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