Testimonial: After our psychic reading, "I now really believe in Guides!"

Check out this wonderful email I received today from a recent client:

Hi Shannon,

We had a call on 17 May and wanted to tell you what happened thereafter. 

In the call the guidance was that I should try to move out by 1 June, my parents will stay behind in my house and I should rent out the front office to strangers as is. 

I immediately started looking for a place. My daughter wanted a place with stairs and I wanted a garden. The fourth place we looked at was PERFECT and we moved in by 8 June. 

I told my mom I was going to rent out the office and she laughed and said: 'If you manage to rent out that room, I will really believe in guides!'

I put it on Gumtree, 2 days later got a call and they went to see the office 2 hours later. My mom was there and showed it to them, then she sent an sms: 'I now really believe in guides!'
They signed the lease the following day. 


I love being in harmony with guidance!

Thanks for the important work you do,

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