Testimonial: Real people, real changes

Shannon Walbran, Spirit Guide interpreter
Shannon Walbran, Spirit Guide interpreter

I received an email from a man I'll call T. He had loads of troubles in his life, and he was feeling really down and confused. He asked his Guides the ten questions, and then probably ten more (!) and promised me he would get to work on implementing the advice.

When he sent me this follow-up, I felt inspired to share it, so I asked for his permission, and this is what he sent:

"Yeah, you welcome to use it and I can't wait for our next session sometimes next year hopefully things would be as great as they promise to be though its not easy but so far its the best guidance I Eva had..

You are blessed with a gift to change lives and I'll be happy if my story can inspire others to believe in your God given gift..

All the best and God be wth u"

So here's his story:

"With the 10 questions I had, they told me to move back to cape town immediately to fix things between me and my girlfriend which is the mother of my child, let my family sort its own problems out instead of trying to do it myself cuz my immediate family was the core of my life, try to move out of where I was staying and look for a better safer place to move in with my girlfriend as her safety was a priority.

We have recently found a better place in a beautiful area, a suburb where for now we renting a flat, at the time of calling you was about to buy a car which was told to put on hold as moving into a new place was a priority.

But now since we got a place I'm currently trying to look for a car, hopefully it will be something ideal though I'm planning to get married sometime early next year.

Lastly I have paid more focus into my current job and as it was revealed it's got a bright future, the other company is still on a go slow things haven't gone my way yet. But I'm hopeful, I have also stopped trying to invest money into my music as it is just a hobby..

I'm really grateful to have received those revelations as it has given me a clearer picture and I'm trying my utmost best to be focused and work towards building a bright future for my son and my wife to be."

If you've had contact with your angels and Guides and your life has changed for the better, please write me your story at: shannon@spiritguidance.net


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