Open your mind and your heart today, someone needs you

open-mindedYou just never know, Shannon, who in the crowd, standing beside you in line or passing you in the street, might be raised in spirit, or even lifted from despair, by the kindness in your glance or the comfort of your smile.

But they may never forget.

Supersize me,
The Universe

I get these great daily emails from "The Universe," also known as Mike Dooley, because I signed up for free at, and I recommend you do it, too!

The messages are uncannily accurate and helpful, because there is no way Mike Dooley could have known what happened to me today at the bank...

I walked a payment into Nedbank, which is not my usual, and a promotional sign at the counter read,

If the teller doesn't smile at you within 59 seconds,

you can report it to the branch manager who will call you back.

Thinking this was a great way to connect people, I stepped up and gave the teller a big smile and a "Hello!" He greeted me but didn't smile back.  Still feeling happy, I held up the sign at him and said, "Hey, you're *supposed* to smile at me!"

He looked up with tears in his eyes. "My dog died.  And he's at home in the countryside, so I ..." and he didn't finish his sentence.

"Oh, I am so sorry! That's terrible!" I said, and I meant it.  He nodded, sniffling.

He stamped my deposit slip and handed it to me. I held his eyes for a moment with mine and looked at him sympathetically.  Without that sign, I would have just thought he was a grumpy guy.  Now I realise he's going through something tough. He's a real person, with real challenges. Like me.

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